OrigiGrip Is a Cost-Effective Dexterous Robot Gripper

Grippers come in all shapes and sizes and are the most common type of robotic arm end effectors in use at the moment, being employed in countless types of industrial, academic and even consumer applications. The project launched today is called OrigiGrip which is a cleverly designed dexterous yet affordable robot gripper made with 3D printed parts and actuated by a single standard high torque hobby servo, making it very easy to integrate into existing robotic projects.

OrigiGrip Affordable Robot Gripper

Image credit: Origin Robotics

The gripper can be suitable for hobby and research purposes and was developed by Richard Laboris who is also behind the OrigiBot telepresence robot project launched almost a year ago.

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Pneuduino: a Modular Platform for Controlling Airflow and Pressure

A very interesting project caught my attention recently, and this time it is all about the power of air. Pneuduino is an Arduino based modular hardware platform which enables control of air flow and pressure, opening a whole new realm of possibilities for Makers who want to add unique shape shifting features to their projects. The platform was created by Felix Heilbeck and Jifei Ou as part of the MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group program led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii.

Pneuduino pneumatic control system

Image credit: Pneuduino project

Pneuduino is currently used in high school and college workshops. Its creators suggest that the platform can be well suited for prototyping soft robots, intelligent clothing, breathing art or adaptable furniture, in conjunction with new materials designed to take advantage of air as a precisely managed resource.

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Visual Components: an Advanced Production Line Simulation Software

Pick and place robot

As systems and processes we develop are increasingly complex the amount of possible interactions can reach levels hardly imaginable only a couple of decades ago, thus requiring careful testing and documentation in order to avoid unpredictable behavior. The amount of computing power we have at our disposal nowadays allows us to simulate and analyze even the most complicated processes before implementing them in the real world.

A short while back I had the opportunity to review the Visual Components advanced simulation software which represents a complete solution for designing and optimizing production line layouts. Professionals can simulate the entire production process complete with material flow, robotics and equipment setup, generate detailed reports and analyses and quickly change and customize process flow according to requirements.

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Last Minute Robotic Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015

In case you’re a little behind schedule with holiday shopping or maybe have time management issues like me, hopefully some of these last minute gift ideas might come in handy. I tried to cover some of the most interesting robotic products launched this year, most of the suggestions below are readily available at major retailers in the US and Europe. Of course prices are given only for reference so you can better identify the category of a certain product. In addition you can also check out last year’s compendium for more inspiration.

Happy Holidays!

So, this is my selection for this year, maybe you’ll also like some the products below.

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Virtual Robotics Toolkit – an Advanced LEGO Mindstorms Simulator

Virtual Robotics Toolkit

The possibility of simulating processes or products and their behavior in the environment throughout the entire life cycle has a clear and positive impact in all stages of development and maintenance of an equipment or system. Nevertheless there are also pitfalls which can be easily avoided, head to our software simulation article to learn more.

In this article we will explore some of the features of Virtual Robotics Toolkit, a feature-rich simulation environment for LEGO Mindstorms robots which allows testing any robotic creation similar to an actual model without actually owning one – simply import any LDraw 3D model, load an EV3-G script, run the simulation and start observing what your robot does.

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Weekend Stories: The Martian, News from Outer Space and Educational Robot Kits

The Martian

Good story, pretty good scenario, interesting cast and amazingly well weighted visual effects – everything clings together in the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in a long while. The Martian has Matt Damon in the leading role of astronaut Mark Watney who is left stranded on Mars and is presumed dead by his crew which evacuates the planet during an extremely violent dust storm.

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